How the mexican war was won

The Fraudulent Mexican-American War (1846-48)

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Weapons of the Mexican War

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29d. The Mexican-American War

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General Winfield Scott himself said that he would not have won the war without the men from West Point under his command. Infighting Among the Mexicans Mexican politics was extremely chaotic at that time.

Independence was followed by thirty years of great political turmoil, which included the Mexican-American War of in which Mexico lost Texas, California, and New Mexico to the victors.

Then came a period of reform, led by the educated of the country. Often confused with the Texas Revolution or the Spanish-American War, the Mexican-American War is a piece of history whose significance should not be rewarded with insignificance or confusion, but rather a knowledge and understanding of the event itself, its precedents, and its lasting effects.

The Mexican-American War was an armed conflict that occurred after the U.S. annexation of Texas. It lasted from to Despite the Texas Revolution, Mexico still considered her part of its territory. The Mexican Congress never recognized Texan independence, seeing the Republic as a.

The Mexican-American War was formally concluded by the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. The United States received the disputed Texan territory, as well as New Mexico territory and California.

The Mexican government was paid $15 million — the same sum issued to France for the Louisiana Territory.

How the mexican war was won
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First battle of Mexican-American war