Im just me

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I Am Quotes

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I'm Just Wild About Harry

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How to Stop Trying So Hard (or Just Be Who You Are)

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from Facebook tagged as Alive Meme Home. Down at the railroad station there's people gettin' on Some are a goin' north some are a goin' south I'm just goin' to be gone Some people are born to be takers others just wanna give.

Youth Workshops, Groups, Intensives & One-On-One Programs on Diversity, Anti-Bullying, Staying in School and Breaking Through Limitations. Shut up, and fuck me already! This is a blog for anyone who enjoys a good fuck, I do not claim ownership of any photo's on my blog, unless stated.

Maybe it’s just me. 6 years ago reblog notes. subcristi: Better than Shakespeare. 6 years ago reblog notes. fuckmeimwet.

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[Intro] / C#m F#m G# C#m F#m G# / [Chorus] / C#m Before this dance is through F#m G# I think I'll love you too A B6 E B I'm so happy when you dance with me / [Verse 1] / E G#m F#m B I don't. Is a website or site down?

Easy way to check if a site is down for everyone or just me. Plus other tools too.

Im just me
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