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Derived from the suffix "-ist," the name points to a person who is passionate about something. On October 25 Urban Ventures celebrated 25 years of educating kids, strengthening their families, and building a healthy community in South Minneapolis.

It was a fabulous night filed with stories of transformation and beautiful music. Urban Ventures offers the opportunity to serve your community through "Urban Ventures: Athletics Coach (M - F)". This is an ongoing opportunity located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The first venture fund for startups that are making cities better. Celebrating 25 Years of Changing Lives.

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Urban Ventures' 25th Anniversary Celebration brings together the best in entertainment, artistry, and storytelling in a tribute to our past and an exciting unveiling of our plans for the future. Urban Ventures, Inc.

was founded by Stuart Hershey inand offers the following services: Development Consulting - Conduct feasibility and market studies for affordable housing projects, as well as prepare applications for public grants, loans, and tax credits.

Urban ventures policy
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